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Saddle Stitcher

059-0002 Müller-Martini 1509, age 1990

size 370x320mm, hand feeder, 4x double feeder, stiching 1509, 4 stitching heads HK 75MM, 2 eyletting heads MM, three-knife trimmer: 1522,


price on demand


PAG-0130 AM Graphics SP455-S, age 94

6 stations, 1 cover feeder, stitcher with 2 heads, three knive trimmer


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Book Binder

PAD-0060 Stielow Horizon BQ240, age 1994

size 65x32 cm


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Stitching machine

PAZ-0251 Hohner Record 50/Q, age 82

# 964, for cardboard boxes


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PAM-0040 Polygraph 103/35

stitching machine


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staple machines

PAB-0099 Föllmer KL 1/2, age 96

Saddle , electr. saddle-stitch, 2 variable stitching heads


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PAR-0023 Nagel Rinac, age 1990

1 head, saddle-stitched electr.


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PAS-0003 Nagel Rinac, age 89

1 head, saddle-stitched electr.


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PAP-0217 Nagel Multinak

2 heads fix, back stitching


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drilling machines

305-1293 Hang Typ 114-4

4 drills


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PAS-0002-1003 Nagel Citiborma 280 B, age 1988

2 head drilling machine


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PAV-0192 Nagel Citoborma-280B , age 1988

2-drill machine


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PAH-1225 Nagel Citoborma-280

2 drills


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PAS-0021 Nagel Citoborma 270B

2-drills paper machine,

tabeltop, adjustable drills up to 110 mm


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PAE-1240 Nagel Citoborma 5269130

2 drills fix


price on demand


PAZ-0253 Hang Typ 106DTK

2 drills, # 92491


price on demand

PAS-1398 Kobold Typ KOD 254

1- drill


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Grooving machines

PAS-0019 Bickel grooving machine

size 70 cm

grooving + perforating, electr. with feet pedal


price on demand


PAK-0218 Müro Blockleimpresse

with heating and milling


price on demand

PAM-0141 Müro Blockleimpresse

price on demand

PAR-0050 Baier embossing press GEBA 10

for foils with accessories , up to 13 cm


price on demand

PAB-0266-0908 Expresso 076 42 00 01 , age 2000

transport car , payload 500kg


price on demand

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