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41812 Erkelenz

Tel. 02431 9633-0

Fax 02431 981137



072-1407 Polar 78x, age 2004

size 78 cm, air table


price on demand

PAF-0195 Polar 55, age 1986



price on demand

WOHLENBERG - Cutting machines

K-0030 Wohlenberg 155 MCS-3TV

age 1990, size 155 cm

tray tables with air, on the left and right, moving table, Baumann jogger BSB model 5L, BAUMANN Unloader Model BA 5 / N


price on demand

PAN-0029 Wohlenberg 107E, age 66

size 107 cm, without programm


price on demand

PAG-1556 Wohlenberg, 76 SPM, age 1986

76 cm, 2 side tables, no air table


price on demand

Perfecta Seypa

PAD-0009 Perfecta Seypa 132, age 1975

size 132 cm, # 42769


price on demand

PAG-0131 Perfecta Seypa 115 PMC, age 83

size 115 cm, air table with 2 pile lifts


price on demand

PAG-0384 Perfecta 92UC, age 85

programs, air table, side tables,1 spare knives


price on demand

Schneider Senator


072-1321 Ideal 521/E Forte , age 1972

size 52cm , with noise hood


price on demand


Various manufacturers

PA-0761 BASF Nyloprint

size 52cm


price on demand

PAF-0144 Krause Pappschere

# 229179, size 130 cm

pasteboard cutting machine


price on demand

jogging table

PAH-0288 Polar RB5, age 1988

size 90x115 cm, 01-2009 available


price on demand

PAS-0025 Triumpf Rütteltisch

size 40x55 cm

without air


price on demand

PAB-0041-1007 Polar RBZ

size 90x115cm


price on demand

PAM-0038 Zöll Gerhard Rütteltisch, age 90

size 70x100 with air


price on demand

PA-0068-0806 Ola jogging table

size 78x58 cm


price on demand

PAP-0044-1007 Müro, 73 x 60cm

without air


price on demand

PA-0756 jogging table 45x50 cm

immediately available


price on demand

PAM-0144 jogging table 42x42 cm


price on demand

PAH-1229 Altmann table jogger

size 38x58cm


price on demand


PAV-0187 jogging table

size 42 x 42 cm,


price on demand

PAR-0024-1003 HGS 37x37cm, age 1977



price on demand

PAF-0652 Planaxator

ma.no A11266


price on demand

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